Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Toyota Rav4 lends 2010

When I first saw the Rav4, my first thought was "I want that car!". The Rav4 is the perfect picture of a sporty, trendy and adventurous car. It is appealing to a younger market though it certainly is not intimidating to the older crowd. It is not hard to picture the Rav4 parked outside a high-end boutique, a slammin' party at a college frat house or a quiet suburban neighborhood. This is a car for anybody and everybody. The thing that draws most people to the Rav4 is its great design and powerful engine.
The Rav4 lends fresh meaning to the mini-SUV concept. This car comes in either the 2-door or the 4-door version. With the 4-door, the Rav4 is capable of carrying 5 passengers and there is a big cargo well behind the rear seats. This is not just a practical car; the Rav4 is the definition of fun. What more could you want from a car? Aside from its ravishing looks and build, Toyota Parts Rav4 are in a variety of spectrum. The Rav4 definitely has the IT factor for not only does it respond to your basic car needs, like transporting luggage and cargo, it also completes your fashion statement!

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