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2008 Acura TL Sedan


Acura TL

2008 Acura TL Sedan
The Acura TL is a medium-sized, entry-level luxury sedan, and it is currently Acura's best selling model. Although TL typically does not provide the excitement or the prestige of competing European sports sedan, it counters with exceptional value and above average durability and reliability.

Consumers are interested in buying the Acura TL should be aware that there are three generations of the car. The current generation is the sportiest and most desirable because of his chiseled exterior styling, firm suspension tuning, powerful V6 and optional six-speed manual transmission. Almost all of TL's luxury features come standard, including a surround-sound audio system. Its interior is remarkable for its quality, design and materials.

Like most sports sedan, the TL is very usable on a daily basis and can perform well in almost any role. According to our editors, the current TL is "a well built, high performance, feature-laden entry-level luxury sports sedan, which should please most consumers shopping in this market."

These attributes also apply to the earlier years of the third generation Acura TL, which covers 2004-2006 models. Consumers are interested in a used or certified pre-owned TL would do well to look after these years. There is not much difference between them in terms of features or hardware. Please note that Acura revised V6's horsepower rating downward starting in 2006. But this review was a regulatory issue, and does not reflect a change in acceleration capability.

According to Acura owners who have posted comments to Edmunds.com, the Acura TL is a "fantastic car" that yarns recognition of its "overall combination of performance, comfort, quality and technology." Owners will take his ride comfortable yet sporty, "and say that with an" amazing "home stereo system and a long list of standard features - including satellite radio and Bluetooth handsfree phone compatibility - the" fun factor in this car is quite unique. " Others praise the car's interior styling and its "fantastic" navigation system - "I'm in love with the navigation system. I have found my soul mate." But some owners want sedan was available in a wider range of colors, others pine for "better seating comfort."

The second generation Acura TL was built from 1999 to 2003. Although not as exciting as the current model, our editors gave their elders very positive reviews during its course. Improvements were made throughout this period, and the car had a number of SL first, including Honda's VTEC variable valve timing and a GPS navigation option. The powerful Type-S version, which debuted in 2002, should strongly consider buyers interested in increased efficiency. Regardless of specific trim level, just about any use second-generation model will work well.

The original Acura TL debuted in 1996 as a replacement for the popular Acura Vigor. Two versions were offered: a 2.5 with a 2.5-liter inline five-cylinder engine and a 3.2 with a 3.2-liter V6. The 2.5 and 3.2 TL models were available during the first generation's run, which lasted largely unchanged, although 1998. As there is now a small price difference between the two, we suggest that consumers are interested in a first-generation TL used to go to the more powerful 3.2.

Acura TL Wallpaper shown

Acura TL Wallpaper

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